“Knowledge is useless without action” ~Gene Wolff

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What Others Say About Gene Wolff

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Gene, and not only has Gene produced results in his business, his automated systems have enabled others to have success in theirs.”

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Aron Parker

“Gene is very serious about his business, but he also cares about every person who comes to him for help. Gene is not afraid to share his industry secrets to help others get proven results”.

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Emily James

“Gene is one of the best marketers out there especially when it comes to video marketing, setting up fully automated systems and driving new targeted leads”.

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Erai Beckman

Meet Gene Wolff

It was some 30 plus years ago, when the journey began. Gene Wolff, born in a hamlet of East Vancouver, Canada and the son of native Canadian Indians began his life in a rural town, where everyone knew each other’s name.

In his formative years, little did he know, nor realize that his life would take on so many twists and turns, nor did he ever think he would become a “Online Six Figure Earner”.

In his early years, the agonies were many. As a minority youth, schoolmates often called him a “chug” a derogatory and racial word for Canadian Native Indians.

Gene Wolff’s Products

Services and Affiliations

Social SEO Magic

Been in the social media traffic niche for the past 8 years, Gene felt it necessary to provide both his personal clients and freelancers a place to buy social media traffic for networks like YouTube, twitter, Instagram and Facebook to name a few.

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Easy 1 Up

Easy 1 Up program is a unique approach to network marketing and offers some remarkable products. The tool offers four levels at which you can buy.

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Just Send Traffic

JustSendTraffic is a free to use list building marketing system. Gene Wolff built this system for his easy1up team and any other added income streams that have proven to convert and explode peoples incomes.

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DasCoin is the next evolution in crypto currency coins. Not only is this coin taking the world by storm, but it is becoming a house hold name in the crypto currency processing technology.

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