About Gene Wolff

My Story

It was some 30 plus years ago, when the journey began. Gene Wolff, born in a hamlet of East Vancouver, Canada and the son of native Canadian Indians began his life in a rural town, where everyone knew each other’s name. In his formative years, little did he know, nor realize that his life would take on so many twists and turns, nor did he ever think he would become a “Online Six Figure Earner”.

In his early years, the agonies were many. As a minority youth, schoolmates often called him a “chug” a derogatory and racial word for Canadian Native Indians. For that reason, he was never able to fully identify with his Canadian native Indian background. At age 13, his mom was addicted to various hardcore drugs (cocaine and heroin), which also included alcohol.

As a caregiver, she was hardly there either in body or spirit. This has a profound effect on him. As a teenager, he stood in utter silence as he watched his mom succumb to the peril of her addictions. Several years later at age 17, his mother suddenly passed away of a fatal heart attack.

For many, her addiction and demise would have been a “wakeup call” or a learned “lesson in life” but in his case, years later, he too would fall upon the same path of drugs and alcohol addiction. As for his father, he was just a distant shadow standing in the background.

Not the father figure one would expect from a great basketball figure, but  rather a father who never really left a meaningful mark on his life. Only his brother, a lifelong partner and sibling companion was one whom he could share his dreams, thoughts, and career desires.

Unfortunately, his brother also suffered a drug and alcohol addiction. His lifelong journey would soon take him full circle as his motivation in basketball put him in the spotlight of fame and success, yet his painful youthful experiences would dim that spotlight.

Yes, as the legendary champion of the All Native Basketball team, he was respected and praised for his talents on the court. His victories were many as were his accolades. Most of his colleagues were in awe of his renown talents on the court.

But it was off the court where he had the most pain. Like many professional sports figures, injuries are always placed in the shadows. After several knee surgeries, which he kept hidden for much of his life, he continued to perform to peak perfection. His relentless pursuit to be the best, paid off time and again.

But not all of life’s paths are smooth and uneventful. Gene had to experience the demise of several of his close friends. These unexpected and untimely deaths were perhaps one of the reasons that he began to use drugs and alcohol to excess.

On the court, he continued to excel, yet off the court were the endless parties and celebrations which almost always included drugs and alcohol. Gene’s destructive path of “self-sabotage” continued for years on end. It wasn’t until he was in his early 30’s did he to come to the realization that his path of self-destruction would only end badly.

He took his first step to rehabilitation by enrolling in the Choices Program, a program which would help him with his addictions. He knew his life needed new direction and they could provide him with the self-help tools to succeed. Succeed he did, by overcoming his self-struggles through therapy he began to self-heal. Today, Gene Wolff is a changed individual.

He gathered up the tools of self-preservation, and has begun to heal himself. Currently, he is drug-free. His alcohol consumption is zero. Gene has dramatically changed his life path to healthy living, which includes healthy eating and leading a more natural lifestyle.

Gene Wolff is to be considered one of the fortunate few. He recognized his path of self-destruction and steered to a course of controlled self-improvement.

Today, Gene can still be seen on the basketball court, but in his new role as a full-time parent. His successful home-based Internet marketing business fills his days as it has over the past six years. Gene’s success story is a classic one which ends happily.

His perseverance and determination carried over from his professional basketball life to his personal life. He overcame obstacles and faced the reality of his life choices head on.

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